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Update 8/13/13 Crane at work!

Posted by Donna Marouski

Today a crane and  lift  operator  along  with our  Pelletier  Crew is  hard  at  work  to  approach  the  removal of  debris sitting on  scaffolding  from  a different  angle.  The  crane which  reaches   heights of  150  feet  holding  a large  bucket  to  collect  debris, along  side with a  lift holding  ... Read More »

Brownie Update

Posted by Donna Marouski

Our brownie bakers were  awesome-  we had  approximately  38  families  bake  dozens of  brownies of  all  types  to send off with our  thanks to our  firefighters who fought tirelessly to save our  Church.

Trays  were  delivered to  each of the  14  fire departments  with  joyful  &  grateful  smiles!   ... Read More »

Latest News (Thursday, 7/25)

Posted by Donna Marouski

Well, we have a smattering of different updates today, with some pictures to demonstrate progress. First of all, Pelletier Builders has brought in a crane to help remove the debris that sits on top of the scaffolding above the tabernacle.  They are accessing the area through the temporary roof ... Read More »

Scaffolding Reinforcement

Posted by Donna Marouski

We seem to go in fits-and-spurts; the last few days have been quiet, as we have been awaiting the next stage in the repair effort.

Today, however, we have begun to move again.  The company that put up the scaffolding in the church has returned to reinforce it.  This ... Read More »

Pictures (Brace Yourself!)

Posted by Donna Marouski

Well we have had a lot of activity today, and we wanted to show our parishioners some pictures of the church after the pew removal. But first, great news!  The roof has finally been patched over the tabernacle.  Our building contractor initially tried to do the work last Wednesday, but ... Read More »

A Development: Our Pews

Posted by Donna Marouski

Today has brought a significant development to the rebuilding of the church.  Our existing pews are going to be removed and will be replaced by brand new pews.  This is a decision that was not taken lightly, with all involved parties understanding the emotional connection that our parishioners have ... Read More »

More Vocation Stories...

Posted by Donna Marouski

This post does not have anything to do with our fire, but hopefully it will be of interest.  Here are three more videos of young people talking about their vocations. Sr. Liz is a Daughter of Charity, the religious order of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.  She served as a ... Read More »

Dollars and Sense

Posted by Donna Marouski

Understandably, our parishioners and friends are concerned about the costs involved with the rebuilding of the church.  Especially during tough economic times, every dollar that is spent needs a good justification.  And all of us here at the office of St. Mary understand and share the concerns over financing. ... Read More »

Asbestos - Gone!

Posted by Donna Marouski

The asbestos removal from the church proceeded without a hitch.  The abatement company will return tomorrow (Friday) to finish deconstructing their containment structure.  But, since there was so little asbestos trim in the church, the removal time was very small.

Pelletier Builders was out here yesterday trying to engineer ... Read More »

Asbestos Prep Complete

Posted by Donna Marouski

Today, our asbestos abatement company finished preparing the church.  They will begin the actual removal of the asbestos tomorrow, and hope to be complete with that on Wednesday.  Then, they expect to clear out the plastic coverings on Friday, so that our air can be re-tested for cleanliness.  No ... Read More »