What's been happening-June 30, 2014

It  certainly  has been  an  amazing year since the  night of  of the fire May 16th, 2013!   The progress has  been  tremendous!  The  clean up and  removal  of debris took many man hours,  days  and  months.  The of the column and main area of the fire took extensive study and  detailed engineering to be re stabilized to create a safe working environment. We had to  turn off main power sources using  massive  generators and installation of  temporary power source.  Both  interior  and  exterior masonry demolition  work  to  areas that  suffered from both the fire and water damage took place.  The  pews  underwent too much  damage to be  saved  and were removed.  The  wood floors buckled and  had to be  torn up,  the  wainscoting was also removed form the side aisle walls.  Stained  glass windows  endured damage, many  have been  removed along  with the protective  glass.  Our  slate  roof  was .totally  removed, much  damage from the heat of the  fire and  the  need to  cut into the roof to attack the fire. The lower  roofs  encountered  damage  form the  falling  slate  were  cut  and  soon will be  removed. Plaster  from the  ceiling  down  had to be removed due to  water  damage -  saturated  beyond  repair.  The  wooden beams  in the  ceiling  areas  -were  very  charred and  were  sandblasted to  save what  was possible. 

The  above is  a  mere snip it of what has been  going on  in our  beautiful  Church  of  St. Mary.  From the  exterior  views one may wonder what is  going  and taking  so long.   We have  a  work  force that is so very  committed to  the  utmost  superior  repair,  attention to detail, professionalism  and knowledge-  we are  truly  blessed.  Our  general  contractor  being  Pelletier  Builders, Inc.  overseeing  over 10 different subcontracting  companies- which is  no  small task.