Progress! Progress! Progress!


Even  though  things  look more of the  same on the outside, with all white  snow covered rooftops, hills and  valleys, much has  changed on the interior of our beloved Church.  Winter months' weather has not stopped the wonderful work  going on  in the  church!

 Some  snip its-

The paint  removal/stripping process is  90% complete. They are currently working on the choir loft stairway and the sacristy and  back hallway.

The  handicapped restroom  is  framed  and the rough  plumbing and electrical is in.

The entire ceiling in the church is completed,  the rebuild, the plaster, the paint and the decorative paint. It is gorgeous!

The column bases, the  chair  rails and what  was  savable  in  woodwork trim is all being  stripped  and  getting  close to  refinishing. All the  mill work for the wains coating  has  arrived  (handmade) to match  and  duplicate  the original wood work. Soon to be installed.

90% of the  scaffolding  is  removed. Some  rolling  scaffolding  remains.

The  sub flooring of the  church is  being reinforced &  repaired, readying for the  delivery of the  new maple  flooring and  tile.

The pews have been  built and are in storage awaiting to be delivered.  The  pew ends were replicated from our original. The  pews are more comfortably ergonomically  designed, with  attached  cushions  and  quiet kneelers.

The  choir loft floor has been reinforced  and  new PVC  tile installed.

 The pipe  organ  has arrived  and the  installers  have been here from Maine for  over 2 weeks moving the  console  into  choir loft as well as the blower  both now installed. They are now assembling over 1,400 pipes for the wonderful sounds we soon will hear.

All of the stained  glass windows have been removed,  cleaned, re leaded & grouted. The  remaining to be re installed are the  sanctuary  and  one in the  choir  stairway. They are simply stunning  with the light shining through, it feels like heaven making its way in.

The rough wiring for our new sound system  has been  installed. ( Fr. Red  can't wait !)

Our  hanging pendant lights in the side aisles are now hanging, cleaned and rewired for more efficient use.

All of the other  electrical components  have  been  installed, ceiling lights, spotlights, tower lights, a new fire detector system. All which will be more efficient.

Although it  has been  a while  in  waiting  for an update-  it  is not  due to lack of  goings  on!   We are getting closer- when  Spring has  sprung - so  will we in  our beloved church once  again.

We thank you for  your patience, prayers and  pride in our  wonderful Parish of St. Mary.